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Last weekend’s worldwide March Against Monsanto should have focused media attention on consumer concerns about GMO’s.  Millions of people came out to protest the threat of GMO’S ‘to the world food supply.  Unfortunately the major channels didn’t see fit to do much coverage of the story.

Rt.com is an international online and cable news station that pays attention to news stories often overlooked by mainstream media.  The following video, which is a good summary of GMO activism and concerns, appeared on rt.com.

The video explains why 64 countries all over the globe have banned GMO’s in the interests of environmental health and safety. Monsanto, the corporation at the forefront of GMO research and development, is US-based and seems to be favored by FDA regulations.  However there is a hopeful mood in the USA due to Vermont new regulations about GMO labeling.

Additionally there was a bill before the CA legislature last night (SB 1381) that would mandate labeling of GMO’s.  The bill needed two more supporters in order to be passed, and another vote was called for earlier today.  The blog on  Food Democracy Now has timely info about the issues and current voting campaigns.  Subscribe to their list to find out about all the latest news and what you can do to support labeling of GMO’s.