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About Dr. Carey O’Rielly

Dr O picDr. Carey O’Rielly is a holistic dentist operating in San Diego who truly understands and practices the tenets of holistic health, both as a practitioner and in his personal life. His remarkable knowledge of the field came about through years of study and experience, initiated by his own work-related health challenges.

A 1985 graduate of the prestigious University of Southern California Dental School, Dr. O’Rielly went on to develop a regional network of eight dental practices. Later his expertise in case diagnosis and quality control led him into providing Quality Assurance for insurance companies, consulting with more than fifty dental offices throughout California.

After a decade of hard work, stress and exposure to environmental toxins, he started to investigate toxicity issues in the practice of dentistry. Through a growing interest in health conscious dental care, he associated with several specialized holistic/ cosmetic practices. As a result he was exposed to a comprehensive range of experience and methodologies in the field. All this contributed to his philosophy that the mouth is the gateway to the body.

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Patients travel from throughout San Diego, Orange and Los Angeles Counties for his care. He is widely networked with numerous alternative health care practitioners who participate as part of a team for patient treatment when indicated.

Dr. O’Rielly’s integrative approach to holistic/cosmetic dentistry has evolved since 1994, when he first limited his practice to bio-compatible dentistry. His guiding light for providing service and care to his patients is based on the professional standard: First Do No Harm. He believes passionately that creating health and beauty around us is an integral part of life and you will feel these qualities in our office.

He is also a charter member of the International Association of Mercury Free Dentists. Here is what the association’s founder Dr. Tom McGuire has to say about him:

“I know Dr. O’Rielly and consider him to be one of the most highly trained, skilled, knowledgeable and qualified dentists I know of. He fully understands the important relationship between oral and overall health and his treatment protocols take that into consideration.

His dedication to biological dentistry and his concern for his patient’s oral and overall health is exceptional. He is one of the pioneers in establishing the standards for true Biological Dentistry and a leader in the effort to educate people about the value and importance of oral health.

.I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking caring and quality mercury free/biological dentistry.”