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Vote Yes on CA Prop 37- Make Informed Food Choices
Let Your Food Be Your Medicine

The first in our series in support of CA Proposition 37, requiring the labeling of genetically engineered foods. This issue affects dental health in particular and has far reaching consequences for environmental health in general.  (See our latest post on dentistrygoesgreen.com and a prior post at http://bit.ly/T6ARlD on this subject).

As the above video shows, food sensitivities can cause gum problems, among other health considerations. Supporting CA Prop 37 is important because a healthy diet is necessary for natural dental health. The GMO labeling advocated by Prop 37 is necessary so that informed food choices can be made by all.

As a holistic dentist as well as a citizen,  I am reminded once again of the quote by the Roman physician Galen, “Let your food be your medicine and let your medicine be your food.” That is as true today as it was in his time.