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Looking for a Holistic Dentist in San Diego?

Meet Dr. O’Rielly

Welcome to the holistic dental practice of Dr. Carey O’Rielly. DDS.

Give us a call if you are looking for an integrative approach that is focused on your optimal health. Dr. O’Rielly is a gentle, experienced and environmentally aware dentist. He uses only bio-friendly materials, providing complete biological and holistic care. He offers a full range of services in a peaceful, park-like, non-toxic setting.

At Integrative Dentistry our focus is to:

  • Support overall health and well-being
  • Address any hidden infections, including failing root canals
  • Eliminate toxic dental materials
  • Use as few metals as possible, ex: use Zirconia implants
  • Use lasers for cavities, gum disease, and infected root canals


Ceramic Dental Implants

Box1Replacing missing teeth with ceramic dental implants can have a dramatic effect on how you look and how you feel. Enhance your smile by replacing old dental work, missing or damaged teeth. We use natural-looking and non-toxic materials for implants, crowns, bridges and veneers. Your teeth will look and feel all-natural!

Metal-Free Dentistry

The latest in dental materials makes a metal-free smile possible. Durable fillings and crowns can be made with state-of-the-art resins and porcelains. Swiss-made, non-conductive ceramic implants can refresh your smile by replacing missing or damaged teeth. All of today’s dental care can be both holistic and cosmetic.

Natural Gum Care

Heal areas in your mouth where inflammation and infections are active. This may be due to decay, old root canals or gum disease. Dr O will check extractions and root canals for bacteria leakage, a 24/7 source of unseen infection called cavitations. Treating areas of bacterial infection is important for healthy gums.

Our Practice

We are focused on providing holistic dental procedures in San Diego, and are committed to offering you unsurpassed, patient-centered dental care within nurturing surroundings. We use the most advanced materials and procedures. Our comprehensive approach to cosmetic/holistic care ensures your path to a healthier, more beautiful and confident smile. Our patients trust Integrative Dental Practice to deliver uniquely supportive holistic/cosmetic care because we listen carefully to all of your concerns and look for the most balanced solution to address your needs.

Simple and inexpensive testing can indicate the condition of your gums, gut, heart and brain.

Significant inflammation in the mouth, most commonly associated with bleeding or red gums, is a major culprit in gum problems and gum disease.  Find out about Dr. O’s HD Video Microscope testing and more.

How to Resolve Root Canal Infections – A Pardigm Shift

A lot of patients come to me seeking help in trying to resolve root canal infections.  The problem is that the basic protocol for treating root canals hasn’t changed in the last 30 years, ever since I got out of dental school.  There have been improvements and tweaks, but we are still using the same basic approach, strategies and tools.

What’s the problem in doing root canals?

Some problems that may arise in any root canal procedure are as follows:

  1. You remove the nerve and blood supply of the tooth, thereby removing the natural healing capability of your tooth.
  2. Too much tooth structure might be removed through over-instrumenting and using posts (See above video).
  3. Using the wrong rinses during the root canal procedure can cause denaturing, alteration and weakening of the remaining tooth structure.
  4. The sealers used to fill the canals and plug up the tooth are sometimes inflammatory to the bone surrounding the tooth.
  5. Bacteria is usually left behind that can eventually reinfect the tooth and bone around the tooth.

Keep in mind that dentists are trying to save your tooth when they recommend a root canal to you, and it takes a lot of skill and training to do a root canal.  A whole specialty called endodontics is dedicated to doing root canals using the best materials and procedures known, as evidenced by research.

However, there are problems when you weaken the structure of the tooth and remove its nerve and blood supply.  It’s not the practitioners’ fault, as they are doing the best they can under very compromising circumstances.  However, these problems still exist, as they are problems inherent in the procedure itself.  This results in a lot of these teeth failing over time.

Did you know that many diseases are linked to oral health?

For many decades dentistry has been considered a separate discipline outside of general wellness and health, but this is rapidly changing with new tools like the high definition microscope and a greater understanding of inflammatory, chronic and auto immune conditions.

Did you know that there are two types of Dental Implants available?

Until recently, titanium has been the only material available for dental implants. Thanks to modern advances in dentistry, Zirconia (or Ceramic) has become a viable alternative for those seeking a healthy, biologically compatible solution to missing teeth.

Did you know that two of the greatest nutritionists of the 20th century were dentists?

Drs. Weston Price and Royal Lee, two giants in the field of dental health, knew that proper nutrition is the key to a healthy mouth, mind and body.  See how common nutrients and minerals in food affect the mouth and immune system.