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Integrative Dentistry
for Your Healthy, Holistic Lifestyle

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Integrative Dentistry for your Healthy and Holistic Lifestyle

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Meet Your Integrative Dream Team


Meet Dr. Carey O’Rielly

His areas of expertise include

  • Evaluating and treating root canal infections
  • Laser dentistry procedures
  • Bio-friendly bone grafting
  • Zirconia implants
  • Dental-specific nutrition
  • Fixing broken and decayed teeth
  • Using ozone during dental work to prevent root canals
  • Balancing your bite

Meet Dr. Bo Ah Kim

Her areas of expertise include

  • Amalgam removal with Dr. O’Rielly’s protocol (mercury safe)
  • Extraction/surgeries with ozone and laser biostimulation
  • Microscope analysis of oral microbiome
  • Restoring gum health and individual oral hygiene instruction
  • Bio-friendly cosmetic dentistry and veneers

Meet Dr. Hyung Jin Bae

His areas of expertise include

  • Laser Gum Surgery (LANAP), a regenerative, minimally-invasive alternative to traditional gum surgery
  • Pin Hole Technique, a minimally-invasive treatment for receding gums
  • Implants and regenerative bone grafting
  • Education on the effects of gum inflammation and bone infections on overall health

At Integrative Dentistry, Our Focus is to:

  • Use ozone to remove decay and prevent root canals
  • Eliminate toxic dental materials
  • Use metal-free fillings, crowns, and implants
  • Use lasers to eliminate and heal infections
  • Provide a stress-free environment
  • Support overall health with nutrition and homeopathics
  • Preserve tooth structure and only do necessary treatment

Ceramic Dental Implants

Box1Replacing missing teeth with ceramic dental implants can have a dramatic effect on how you look and how you feel. Enhance your smile by replacing old dental work, missing or damaged teeth. We use natural-looking and non-toxic materials for implants, crowns, bridges and veneers. Your teeth will look and feel all-natural!

Metal-Free Dentistry

blankThe latest in dental materials makes a metal-free smile possible. Durable fillings and crowns can be made with state-of-the-art resins and porcelains. Swiss-made, non-conductive ceramic implants can refresh your smile by replacing missing or damaged teeth. All of today’s dental care can be both holistic and cosmetic.

Natural Gum Care

Heal areas in your mouth where inflammation and infections are active. This may be due to decay, old root canals or gum disease. We will check extractions and root canals for bacteria leakage, a 24/7 source of unseen infection called cavitations. Treating areas of bacterial infection is important for healthy gums.

Advanced Laser Endodontic Therapy (ALET)
Heal Root Canals and Infected Teeth with the Erbium Laser

Laser Root Canal Therapy Demonstration
SWEEPS Photoacoustic Endodontics - Click to Play Video

In the vast majority of cases, root canals are caused by infections, and the bacteria that cause root canal infections are difficult to remove completely once they get into the tooth and the bone around the tooth.

When teeth get infected the tubules get filled with bacteria and traditional root canal therapy doesn’t have an effective way of dealing with the bacteria in the tubules of the root.

Advanced Laser Endodontic Therapy (ALET) successfully addresses the two major disadvantages of traditional root canal therapy: the inability to clean and sanitize anatomically complex root-canal systems and to deeply disinfect dentinal walls and tubules. Using the PIPS and SWEEPS modes of the Fotona Erbium laser, virtually all the bacteria present in infected teeth is eliminated.

Fast, effective and minimally invasive treatments!


Did you know that there are two types of Dental Implants available?

Until recently, titanium has been the only material available for dental implants. Thanks to modern advances in dentistry, Zirconia (or Ceramic) has become a viable alternative for those seeking a healthy, biologically compatible solution to missing teeth.

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Holistic Approach to Amalgam Fillings

Holistic Approach to Amalgam Fillings

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Dr. Mercola Interviews Root Canal Specialist

Dr. Mercola Interviews Root Canal Specialist

I was a little surprised when I heard that Dr. Mercola interviewed Dr Kanter, a root canal specialist. Dr. Mercola is a man with a mission, familiar to many health-minded people as an advocate for natural health. The current conversation about root canals among many of his followers is generally along the lines of: ‘If you need a root canal, extract the tooth!’ or ‘Why would you want a dead tooth in your mouth?’

“Just wanted to thank you Dr. O’Rielly for your blog.  I think it’s really important that people know about all the information you have here.” ~ Blog Subscriber

“I just to thank you so very much for your beyond superb blogs! What an eye-opener! I am learning so, so, so much by reading them.” ~ Blog Subscriber


Our Practice

We are focused on providing holistic dental procedures in San Diego, and are committed to offering you unsurpassed, patient-centered dental care within nurturing surroundings. We use the most advanced materials and procedures. Our comprehensive approach to cosmetic/holistic care ensures your path to a healthier, more beautiful and confident smile. Our patients trust Integrative Dental Practice to deliver uniquely supportive holistic/cosmetic care because we listen carefully to all of your concerns and look for the most balanced solution to address your needs.