Looking for a Holistic Dentist in San Diego?

Meet Dr. O’Rielly

Welcome to the holistic dental practice of Dr. Carey O’Rielly. DDS. Give us a call if you are looking for an integrative approach that is focused on your optimal health. Dr. O’Rielly is a gentle, experienced and environmentally aware dentist. He uses only bio-friendly materials, providing complete biological and holistic care. He offers a full range of services in a peaceful, park-like, non-toxic setting.

Dr. O’Rielly’s patients believe that dentistry should…

  • Support overall health and well-being
  • Address any hidden infections, including failing root canals
  • Lower exposure to toxic dental materials
  • Use as few metals as possible, ex: use Zirconia implants

Do I Really Need
Deep Cleanings?

Are My Root Canals Infected Again?

3 Keys to Prevent Implant Failure

Cavitation, Infection and Bone Health

Ceramic Dental Implants

Box1Replacing missing teeth with ceramic dental implants can have a dramatic effect on how you look and how you feel. Enhance your smile by replacing old dental work, missing or damaged teeth. We use natural-looking and non-toxic materials for implants, crowns, bridges and veneers. Your teeth will look and feel all-natural!

Metal-Free Dentistry

The latest in dental materials makes a metal-free smile possible. Durable fillings and crowns can be made with state-of-the-art resins and porcelains. Swiss-made, non-conductive ceramic implants can refresh your smile by replacing missing or damaged teeth. All of today’s dental care can be both holistic and cosmetic.

Natural Gum Care

Heal areas in your mouth where inflammation and infections are active. This may be due to decay, old root canals or gum disease. Dr O will check extractions and root canals for bacteria leakage, a 24/7 source of unseen infection called cavitations. Treating areas of bacterial infection is important for healthy gums.

Our Practice

We are focused on providing holistic dental procedures in San Diego, and are committed to offering you unsurpassed, patient-centered dental care within nurturing surroundings. We use the most advanced materials and procedures. Our comprehensive approach to cosmetic/holistic care ensures your path to a healthier, more beautiful and confident smile. Our patients trust Integrative Dental Practice to deliver uniquely supportive holistic/cosmetic care because we listen carefully to all of your concerns and look for the most balanced solution to address your needs.

Simple and inexpensive testing can indicate the condition of your gums, gut, heart and brain.

Significant inflammation in the mouth, most commonly associated with bleeding or red gums, is a major culprit in gum problems and gum disease.  Find out about Dr. O’s HD Video Microscope testing and more.

Xray of Existing Root Canal

Infected Root Canals and What To Do About Them

My book on root canal infections that are hidden and not being seen by your dentist is coming out in 2018. It delves into this issue of infected root canals, how they come about and what to do about them. The reason I’m writing this book is that I’ve seen evidence in my practice that a sizable percentage of previously done root canals are actually still infected or have become reinfected over time. I will be presenting evidence of this over the coming months, but suffice it to say the percentage of undiagnosed infections due to root canals is alarmingly high. It is enough of a problem that I find myself having to speak up and start to document it with current cases.

Wait a Minute! Isn’t a Root Canal Supposed to Cure My Infected Tooth?

Yes, at least that is what you are told by your well-meaning dentist. What you are not told is that the tooth you are saving by doing a root canal no longer has a blood supply or nerve.

Holistic and Biological Dentistry

What is Holistic Dentistry and What Makes It Different?

Holistic dentistry and biological dentistry refer to two different aspects of integrative dental care. Generally speaking the term ‘holistic’ refers to the fact that the body is one whole or holistic system.  Common sense dictates that the mouth, the primary pathway...

Work Life Balance – Even a Holistic Dentist Needs a Vacation

After a very busy and productive 2017, we were ready to apply more balance to our working life.  For those who wanted to see some pictures of our vacation in Kauai, here goes.  We had such an outpouring of good will when we announced our plans, we just had to share...
Drainage of Root Canal Infection

What Causes Root Canal Failure?

What causes existing root canals to become infected and fail?  In the photo to the right you can see a common presentation of an infected tooth.  In this case, an old root canal that has failed is draining pus and infection from the tooth.  As the picture shows, the...
First Do No Harm

First Do No Harm – Overdiagnosis and Overtreatment in Dentistry

As a holistic dentist in practice for more than 30 years, I still find myself referring back to the first thing I learned at USC Dental School, first do no harm.  The Hippocratic Oath remains the Golden Rule of health care:  First do no harm. This is the timeless...

Did you know that many diseases are linked to oral health?

For many decades dentistry has been considered a separate discipline outside of general wellness and health, but this is rapidly changing with new tools like the high definition microscope and a greater understanding of inflammatory, chronic and auto immune conditions.

Did you know that there are two types of Dental Implants available?

Until recently, titanium has been the only material available for dental implants. Thanks to modern advances in dentistry, Zirconia (or Ceramic) has become a viable alternative for those seeking a healthy, biologically compatible solution to missing teeth.

Did you know that two of the greatest nutritionists of the 20th century were dentists?

Drs. Weston Price and Royal Lee, two giants in the field of dental health, knew that proper nutrition is the key to a healthy mouth, mind and body.  See how common nutrients and minerals in food affect the mouth and immune system.