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Why Holistic Dentistry?

parkAs advocates of wellness and holistic dentistry for San Diego, we know the reasons why holistic dental care is key in supporting your body’s vitality. Our practice integrates the best of traditional dentistry with the knowledge that a dazzling smile – one that helps you to look and feel your best – contributes more than you realize to your overall well-being. That’s why we number so many physicians, chiropractors, acupuncturists, naturopaths and nurses among our patients. They understand the real value of a healthier smile and they choose us for their personal care.

Find out today about the types of cosmetic work we offer, from replacing your silver filling to full mouth restructuring to restore misaligned or missing teeth. When it comes to removal of your silver fillings, we follow a strict procedure to keep you from swallowing or inhaling anything that might be toxic, then we exchange them for durable beautiful and natural looking tooth- colored ones.

You’ll find a peaceful atmosphere ant our office where we see only one patient at a time. Our patients trust us to deliver results. We listen attentively to all of your concerns and look for the most balanced solutions. Our mission is to work together as a team with you and your family to support the long term goal of happier, healthier smiles.

What else makes us different?

Environmentally Conscious

  • Fresh air ventilation and extensive air filtration
  • Environmentally pure non-chemical sterilization method
  • Lowest radiation X-rays possible
  • Distilled water used exclusively chair side
  • High-speed hand pieces steam autoclaved before each procedure
  • Bio-compatible dental materials customized testing available
  • A more biological approach to root canal therapy

Strict protocol used during metal removal

  • Nosepiece allows patient to breathe pure air
  • Rubber dam is used to isolate teeth
  • Eye protection for the patient and high-speed suction used inside the mouth
  • Specially-designed filtration unit near the patient’s mouth to capture vapors

Integrative Care

  • Galvanic testing to reveal decay or deterioration of old dental work
  • Laser dentistry for gum care and cosmetic dental care
  • Homeopathics for integrative treatment and support
  • Flower essences and essential oils

Wellness Care

  • Association with the various physicians for adjunctive services
  • Dental specific protocols for nutritional support
  • Specialist support for TMJ

We welcome new patients to Integrative Dental Practice in Encinitas. Wherever you are coming from in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orange County, or beyond, you will be glad you have come to our office. Call today to find out more about holistic dentistry; give yourself and your family the benefit of experienced holistic dental care.