Biocompatible Dental Materials

Dr. Carey O’Rielly’s study of the bio-compatibility of dental materials for the last 20 years is integral to his approach in practicing dentistry. Dr O has spent years working with immune- sensitive patients, and has studied literally hundreds of blood tests to find the most durable, safest and “user friendly” materials available today.

Biological Dentistry is an approach to dentistry that has as one of its focuses the safety of dental materials.  In a toxic world it’s not advisable to add to our bodies’ toxic load or create more stress on our immune system through dentistry.  Studies indicate that at some point at least 20% of dental patients develop sensitivity to dental material. Dr. O’Rielly has eliminated the frequent offenders, especially in the area of metals. However some patients have particular sensitivity issues. At Integrative Dentistry we can offer you a blood test to ascertain which of the hundreds of available dental materials are suitable for you.

The most frequent offenders as revealed in lab tests include:

  • Heavy metals like mercury found in amalgam silver fillings
  • Nickel found in orthodontic brackets and wires and some crowns
  • BPA, or Bis Phenol A, found in resins and composite fillings
  • Acrylic monomer found in partials, orthodontic appliances and splints

There are other materials to avoid if possible, but the substances listed above are the most prevalent.

While there are no perfect dental materials, the safest materials include:

  • Porcelains for crowns and veneers
  • Metal alloys made of mostly gold with a little bit of platinum for hardness
  • Plastics/acrylics and resins that are monomer free.  Many people don’t realize that this is possible.
  • Replacements for nickel braces and wires

An interesting misconception is that ‘all metal is bad.’ This is simply not true.

Lab tests have shown that some of the most toxic dental materials are metals like mercury and nickel, considered ‘heavy metals’. The same testing also has shown that some of the safest materials to use for dentistry are also metals, in this case gold, platinum and titanium, all noble precious metals.  At Integrative Dentistry, the Golden Rule is “First do no harm”, which is especially pertinent when it comes to dental materials.