HD Microscopy

Dr. O microscopeThe Oral Microscope has become a staple service at Dr. O’Rielly’s practice for the past 7 years. He has taken thousands of samples and hundreds of videos of samples that are being organized into a book that will be published next year called, ‘The Microbiome in your Mouth – How oral bacteria contributes to heart disease, gut inflammation and Alzheimer’s.’

Dr. O has found very aggressive bacteria and microbes hiding in the gums of over 80% of his patients. These bacteria not only cause gum disease but they leak into your body, having access to both your digestive system and blood stream through bleeding gums.

Dr. O strongly feels that a microscope evaluation is important before having any dental work or tooth cleanings done, as research shows that any bleeding will cause an increase in bacteria count in your blood.

The good news is that these bacteria can be treated simply and inexpensively with simple home care products and tools. Gum inflammation and even gum disease is often reversible if one knows what to do.

Please look at the videos below. They will make an impression and no doubt motivate you to take good care of your teeth and gums. It is not only important for the health of your mouth but also for your whole body.



See aggressive Spirochetes that cause gum disease killed with simple salt solutions and baking soda.

Amoebas can cause aggressive gum disease. See how Amoebas and parasites can be killed with salt and baking soda.