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Are tooth-colored fillings better than silver/mercury fillings?

Generally, yes. Aside from the unappealing appearance of silver fillings, they can cause teeth to fracture over time. As a general rule, if the filling is small it is better to use tooth-colored material called a composite. As fillings get bigger, inlays and onlays are needed. These types of restorations support your teeth through bonding. They also hold up to chewing pressure, don’t leak, and look like your real teeth.

Why are my gums inflamed and bleed when I brush and floss?

Inflammation is caused by our body’s response to bacteria found in the crevice between our gums and teeth and is observable as bleeding by the patient. If this inflammation is not treated and controlled, it can lead to deterioration and breakdown of the supporting tissues of your teeth. This can lead to tooth mobility and tooth loss, so early detection and correction is important. Balancing the PH, bacterial levels and nutrition to your gums and bone can literally save your teeth. We have natural, non-surgical treatments that will restore the balance of your mouth and the health of your gums.

I saw something on T.V. about a problem with water lines in Dental Offices, is this true?

We do not use tap water. We have individual distilled water containers for each patient. This eliminates the bio-film that builds up in ordinary water lines.

How do you sterilize your instruments?

Our sterilization methods meet or exceed the standards set by the Center for Disease Control. All instruments are washed, scrubbed, placed in an ultrasonic disinfectant solution, then placed in the sterilizer at high temperatures.

I am nervous about dentistry, what can I do?

The first thing you will want to know about all of our dentists is that they are very gentle and understanding. We also provide different means of ensuring that you have a relaxing experience, like stereo headphones for listening to music. We also have homeopathic remedies and specific protocols and medications that can help to relax even the most nervous and anxious.

Why does the gum around crowns look purple?

This can occur for several reasons: the crown may not fit well, it may be too far under the gum, or it may have a metal base that blocks light. Teeth are like little fiber optic units. When light hits them, it illuminates the teeth and the surrounding gum tissue to give it that healthy pink glow. Metal blocks the light, causing the tissue to look dark. Non-metallic crowns are best for a natural appearance.

How long will aesthetic dental treatment last?

Longevity varies from person to person depending on oral habits like clenching and grinding, how clean you keep your teeth and gums, and the PH of your saliva. We do our best to deliver high-quality treatment that will last many years.

How can I close the gaps between my teeth?

Gaps can be closed with bonding or veneers in some cases or require orthodontic treatment in others. This will depend on the individual proportions of the patient.

How can I whiten my teeth?

There are two main methods of whitening teeth; at-home bleaching or in-office bleaching. In-office bleaching uses gels very similar to the at home bleaching techniques, but is faster because intense light from an argon laser is used.

The at-home bleaching technique uses a custom made tray that fits exactly to your teeth and holds a very viscous gel which whitens the teeth. This technique will get your teeth just as white as the more expensive in office bleaching, but it will take longer to achieve the desired result. Most patients notice a change within one day but final results usually take about ten days to two weeks. For home bleaching we use only the best whitening gels that contain no ingredients like fluoride or glycerin that can dry out your gums and cause sensitivity.

Are any of the procedures covered by insurance?

Insurance usually covers situations involving fractures, breakage or decay. Because there is such a discrepancy between the amounts that insurance companies pay, we ask that all services be paid for at the time services are performed. We do accept most major credit cards and we will help you to submit your insurance claim forms.

What if I can’t make my appointment?

In order to be fair to all of our patients, we must ask you to call our office no less than 24 hours and preferably 48 hours before any appointment you cannot make. A $50.00 charge may be applied to your account if you miss an appointment, reschedule or cancel your appointment without sufficient notice.

Question not on the list?

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