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We’ve all been shocked to learn that the President and first lady are in quarantine with the Coronavirus.

This brings DIY protection for you and your family top of mind again. It’s always best to take a proactive approach with your health. In this instance, one way would be to boost your immune system.

There are several steps recommended in my blog posts from last April:

It’s helpful to realize that our bodies don’t have an immune system in the way that we have a digestive or respiratory system. It’s more like an immune ‘coalition’, comprised of functions from various organs and systems that are coordinated by the brain in response to immune challenges.

This ‘coalition’ includes the liver for enzyme production and detoxification, intestinal flora to destroy microbes and aid in the manufacture of B12, the thymus (endocrine system) for lymphocytes, the spleen (blood and lymphatic systems) for antibodies, the long bones of the skeletal system for marrow/blood production and hydrochloric acid from the stomach to destroy ingested parasites.

One important function of this entire complex is to counteract free radicals. These are cells ‘run amok’ due to dietary and environmental toxins, which is where ‘antioxidants’ come in. Enzymes produced from healthy foods by the liver and spleen form the basis of immune defense against free radicals, but in these toxic times additional support in the form of vitamins, trace minerals and specific herbs are useful as additional supplementation.

We’ve already discussed two of the major vitamins, C&D, and additionally vitamin A contributes to immune support.

Reishi and other mushrooms such as Turkey Tail are immune boosters

Melatonin is another antioxidant that works on your brain as well as your immune health.

Common sense dictates additional steps to ensure our health and that of our loved ones, even when this requires newly learned, uncomfortable behaviors:

Stay away from enclosed spaces wherever possible

Wash hands frequently and

Wear masks!