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stress and sicknessWhenever there is a shock to our system, a life-changing or extremely stressful event that impacts us, our gut will bear some of this burden.  Because our large intestine is lined with immune cells, it functions something like a “shock absorber”, and stress is one of the major causes of intestinal inflammation and breakdown. When this condition arises, it can cause a host of “I just don’t feel good” symptoms, such as:

  • Depression, irritability and mood swings
  • Brain fog and learning disabilities
  • Autoimmune disorders such as celiac disease
  • Multiple food sensitivities

For anyone healing from ‘leaky gut’, a gluten free diet is an important step in improving the digestive system.  If you’ve been reading labels and making the effort to go gluten free, then you certainly don’t want to be absorbing gluten through dental materials.  So another aspect of holistic dentistry is the use of gluten free dental materials.  Gluten has been found in dental products such as polishing paste used during routine cleanings, topical anesthetics, and toothpaste.

In regards to bonding materials, there are only a few composite materials that do not contain BPA.  Composite is the tooth colored material used for fillings in front teeth and as an alternative to metal amalgams.  Composite is also used to bond brackets securely during orthodontic care.

BPA is bound up in the matrix of the dental material, so the danger of exposure happens when a composite is are drilled off the teeth.  Dentists use high speed hand pieces that produce dust, and also release BPA into the air due to the friction and heat produced during drilling.  It is possible to find durable, non-BPA containing dental materials that can be used successfully in dental treatment.