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San Diego holistic and biological dentist Carey O’Rielly reviews 20 issues you want to explore about your family or general dental care provider’s practice: their philosophy, treatment modalities and approach to environmental health.

1. Where did the doctor study?

2. How long has the doctor been in practice?

3. Does the doctor see one patient at a time?

4. Will the doctor stand behind his/ her work?

5. How does the office sterilize equipment?

6. How is water delivered into the operatories?

7. What system for air filtration is used?

8. Is there a system for mercury/amalgam filtration after removal?

9. Is there a protocol followed for mercury/amalgam removal?

10. What are the details of that protocol?

11. How does the doctor decide which dental materials to use?

12. Is dental materials testing possible?

13. Does the office recommend a particular toothpaste and/or mouthwash?

14. Does the office have a recall program for ongoing maintenance?

15. Will the office disclose all fees to me before proceeding with my treatment?

16. Does the office accept my insurance?

17. Does the office offer any kind of financial arrangements, such as a payment schedule or financing program?

18. Is the doctor networked with other dental specialists and healthcare practitioners so that s/he can function as part of my team when necessary?

19. What does the office provide to make my experience as positive as possible, such as music, nutritional support, homeopathics, etc?

20. What does the practice do to encourage patient education?

These are all important areas that you may want to investigate and discuss with your holistic, general or family dental health care provider to make sure that you have the trust and confidence you need about receiving your dental care.