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metalDoes removing metal fillings from your teeth eliminate metal toxicity from your body? Be advised that this is not necessarily so. Removal of metal amalgam fillings might only be the first step in your process of becoming metal free. Another step is to detoxify. There is evidence that small amounts of free mercury may be released from amalgam fillings over time. It has been shown that metals released from amalgam fillings, including mercury, can be found in various organs of the body. These metal molecules can remain in the tissue unless properly bound or chelated with a substance that allows elimination.

Oral chelation supplements with well documented results are also available, as is a specific vegan formulation. This program is particularly effective because it gives support to the liver and gently cleanses all organs of elimination. Other chelating agents that are better known are DMPS and DMSA. These substances have been used successfully however they have drawbacks as well. DMPS must be delivered intra-venously and has been known to have some adverse effects such as lymphatic blockages. Additionally, DMPS does not cross the blood/brain barrier. While DMSA does cross the blood/brain barrier, it eliminates through the liver and this can have side effects for patients as well.

For those concerned about replacing their metal fillings, testing can facilitate a more informed decision. It is especially important for women considering pregnancy to be informed about their levels of metal toxicity since mercury can cross both the blood/brain and the placental barriers. While different types of chelation may be started in the presence of amalgams, the most thorough detoxification should not be done until metal fillings have been replaced. One useful supplement for those who presently have metal fillings is a Japanese seaweed. This supplement was sent to Chernobyl after the nuclear accident because it is helpful with radiation exposure as well as metal toxicity.

At Integrative Dental Practice we follow a strict protocol for metal removal proposed by the International Academy of Oral and Metal Toxicology. This includes a rubber dam, pure air through a nosepiece, supplemental filtration and access to fresh air. We offer several products for detoxification before and after metal removal. However we also recommend that a physician be contacted whenever there are concerns about toxic and/or diseased conditions of the body. We are networked with a number of physicians who share our concerns and we are always pleased to make appropriate referrals for our patients.

At Integrative Dental Practice our goal is to provide holistic dental care in a supportive and non-toxic environment to facilitate your quest for a healthier smile. We have customized Dental Materials Testing available. The test is based on a blood sample and shows the body’s tolerance to a full range of substances used in dental care.

Our philosophy, that the mouth is the gateway to the body, is reflected in our state of the art holistic and cosmetic care using bio-compatible materials in all aspects of our practice.