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The saying: “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth” originated because an animal’s dental health will always reveal the status of its overall vitality. Checking the horse’s mouth to reveal its state of wellness will show whether this ‘gift’ warrants the food, shelter and care it needs.

A healthy mouth is the gift we give to ourselves and to our family, so always get the best quality dentistry you can afford. The mouth is the gateway to the body, so money spent for your dental health is a very practical investment in long term healthy living. With health care costs soaring, it is important to realize that prevention is always the best strategy. And preventive dentistry is always the best approach to your dental health. As with any investment, include your budget for dentistry within your financial planning.

Your dental health is also an important investment in the beauty of your smile, in how you look and feel about yourself. Technical advances available in bonded dentistry today make it possible for all your dental work to be durable and bio-compatible, and to look and feel natural. Besides contributing to your dental health, any dentistry you have done such as dental crowns and bridges should be considered cosmetic in nature as well.

The dentist you like and trust will always be an asset to your health support team. Find a dentist who inspires your confidence. Trust is only possible when the dentist takes time to explain all the different aspects of the patient’s oral health. Just as important is finding a dentist who listens to what you have to say. That way all your concerns can be resolved and your desires included in the final result.

Over the years, Dr. O’Rielly has seen that the outcome of treatment is always most positive and successful when the patient understands the process and is involved in their treatment.. When you have found a dentist you are happy with, make the commitment to your dental health and stay current with your ongoing care. Regularly scheduled check-ups and cleanings are always advisable; in the long run this is a much easier path than deferred treatment.

Do any work you might require so that your smile stays healthy and beautiful. The emphasis is on prevention, because preventive maintenance is invariably preferable to fixing problems that have worsened over time. For instance, it’s better to take care of fillings and decay long before the teeth are in need of dental crowns and bridges; so be sure to incorporate dental health into your healthy living lifestyle.