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Just as the eyes are the ‘window to your soul’, the mouth is the gateway to your body. Because of this “gateway” relationship, the following illnesses have been linked to the mouth:

  • Heart Disease
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes,
  • Pregnancy complications
  • Alzheimer’s
  • certain cancers

When you think about it, almost everything entering your body comes through your mouth in one form or another: food, liquid, medicine/drugs, microbes – and materials used for dentistry.  Consider this about the mouth being a gateway:

  •      Whenever you have a cleaning done, bacteria is pushed into your bloodstream.  This is called a bacteremia, which is usually temporary.  However, if you have a heart condition or heart murmur, it could result in infection in the lining of your heart.
  •      Whenever you have local anesthesia, your system needs to work overtime to break down and eliminate it from your body.
  •      Fluoride in our water systems is said to be a triumph for public health, since it theoretically reduces cavities.  Actually, fluoride is only effective when applied topically, and then only when it is fluoride that is administered.  The substance added to the water supply is actually hydrofluosalicic acid.  Studies have shown that there is no decrease in cavities where water fluoridation has been utilized compared with areas where it has not .much fluoride can cause fluorosis, which mottles and actually weakens the teeth.  Long term ingestion of fluoride can also weaken bone matrix.
  •      The temporal mandibular joint hinges our upper and lower jaws.  The most active joint in the body, we use this joint up to 2,000 times every day in breathing, chewing, swallowing and speaking. In addition it directs the postural relationships of the head, neck and tongue.  It is the only joint in the body that acts as a two-sided hinge. This means that any stress or misalignment on one side will be reflected on the other side.