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Most people know the importance of PH and the acid/ alkaline balance in the body. However, I have found that very few people know of the importance of PH in maintaining a healthy mouth.

Saliva is like the amniotic fluid for your mouth. It contains immune cells, minerals, and has a buffering capacity. However, the most importance quality of the saliva is PH. Most people I test are in the range of 6 to 7.5. A PH of 6.0 is acid forming and 7.5 is fairly alkaline. The ideal place to be from my perspective is to be around 7.0 which is balanced PH.

If you are closer to 6.0 this may be evidence of stress or diet imbalance. Often alcohol, sugars and heavy carbohydrate diets can push the PH of the saliva into the acidic range. I have seen the PH drop below 6.0, but it is not very common and usually the person was under unusual stress.

The three things I have seen have a positive effect on PH and inflammation are: lowering stress levels through activities such as meditation, yoga or Qi Gong; eating a high quality diet low in sugar and carbs and drinking water that has been alkalinized with minerals. (To read more about this see our future article on W is for Water).

I test PH in my practice especially when I see inflammation or bleeding in the gums around the teeth. The PH paper I use is usually available in health food stores as well. Acidity results in inflammation in the body and it is no different in the mouth. Saliva and its PH is paramount in maintaining health and balance in the mouth. An alkaline PH will help maintain healthy enamel and resist inflammation in the gums, also known as  gingivitis.