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A public meeting regarding a new cell phone tower in Olivenhain prompted us to investigate the local impact of EMF’s. In the entire U.S. the impact of electromagnetic fields here in San Diego is second only to that of Washington D.C.

The Encinitas Planning Commission liaison explained to our office that the new tower was in compliance with FCC regulations and would not need an environmental impact study. A local MD had made a presentation during the summer as to how another tower scheduled to be built in Leucadia would impact the health of one of his patients, as well as that of others with electromagnetic sensitivities. However the Commission’s legal counsel did not see any legal reason to delay that tower, or to further investigate environmental health issues concerning the new one.

The aide did say that Commission would be willing to schedule a special presentation by this doctor, however the likelihood of any outcomes being affected appear slim to none.

We will be exploring this issue in some depth over the next weeks. Check out the video below: