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Sometimes teeth need to be extracted when:

  • There is no tooth structure left above the gums,
  • The tooth is cracked or fractured, or
  • The tooth is badly infected.  

When this is the case it is important to make sure the extraction is done with the following factors in mind:

  • Minimize trauma to the bone around the tooth
  • Be sure to remove all bacteria and infected tissue from the site
  • Use the right numbing agent or anesthetic so as to not stop blood flow into the area
  • Use the most biological bone graft material to prevent inflammation and rejection
  • Keep the site clean during the healing phase with effective rinses and oral hygiene
  • Provide support, including homeopathics and nutrition, so the site heals quickly

Dr ORielly has developed a specific protocol when extracting teeth that includes atraumatic removal of teeth that is accompanied with:

  • Increased blood flow for healing
  • Adjunctive support including dental specific nutrition and homeopathics
  • Concentrated oxygen to jumpstart the healing process and to kill harmful bacteria
  • A specific protocol to keep the site clean and healthy
  • A protocol for bone regeneration that is unique and that uses your own blood factors to produce a high volume of healthy bone.  

This last point is paramount as Dr O has found that some bone grafting materials have produced bone that is not as dense or healthy as the original native bone.  Also, when bone grafting is not done, there is an increased probability of the healing process being interrupted leading to pain or bacteria getting into the bone resulting in cavitations or failures of implants later.  

To produce healthy, strong bone quickly Dr O draws your own blood and concentrates the immune cells, platelets and stem cells.  Then he does a second spin to produce coagulants and mixes it with minerals to produce a bio-friendly bone graft material.  To read more about this procedure so to the Regenerative Bone Graft Procedure page.

If you can’t see Dr O and are having an extraction done, be sure to ask for a Monoject syringe.  Every dental office has these and it is a great tool to use to keep the site clean after the extraction is done.  You may use warm salt water, an antibacterial rinse like Peridex (Chlorhexidine), or an herbal antibacterial rinse like Tooth and Gum.  Most offices have some form of Chlorhexidine and most holistic dentists have Tooth and Gum.  Be sure to ask for specific instructions, hopefully in writing, on how to use the rinses and Monoject syringe.