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Bone Regeneration

When doing an extraction or cavitation you want to regenerate healthy bone in the process. It is of utmost importance to remove the bacteria and infected tissue. But equally important is to support the healing process so that strong, bacteria free and inflammation free bone is the result.

This is the whole purpose of Dr O’s bone grafting procedure.

Dr O has found that some bone grafting materials have produced bone that is not as dense or healthy as the original native bone. There is some research showing that bone grafting materials that are foreign to the host may cause an immune reaction and inflammation in the jaw. Other bone graft materials produce hard bone because it is highly mineralized but it is lacking in an adequate blood supply. With bone health, blood supply is king. Basically, some bone grafting materials produce bone that may be adequate in terms of density and volume but lacks in biological viability.

Conversely, if bone grafting is not done, there is an increased probability that the healing process will be interrupted leading to pain or bacteria getting into the bone resulting in cavitations or failures of implants later.

So what is the solution to this? To produce healthy, strong bone quickly Dr O has a proprietary
bone grafting procedure that includes the following techniques:

  • A-PRF which is Advanced Platelet Rich Fibrin. This fibrin clot, or PRF, will gradually release growth factors or cytokines in the site. For those scientists among you, these are VEGF, PDGF, TGF Beta, Thrombospondin.
  • i-PRF (“i” as injectable) otherwise coined “super PRF.” This is blood concentrated to contain a very high leukocyte content that coagulates after around 10 minutes.
  • Dr O’s technique that produces maximum blood flow for healthy bone. Remember blood flow is king when it comes to producing healthy bone.
  • Human minerals
  • Ozone

The stated objective of the A-PRF and i-PRF technique is to use the growth factors of your own body to accelerate soft tissue and bone healing after any surgical procedure.

Since the graft comes from your own body, it is recognized as ‘self’ and the body does not produce as much inflammation in absorbing it. On a simple level a little bit of inflammation is required during healing but too much inflammation is not a good thing and results in scarring in the bone that it permanent and never heals.

PRF Membrane that Creates Fast Healing for Gums and Bone

Basically, the nuts and bolts of the procedure consists of Dr O:

  • Drawing your own blood and concentrating the immune cells, platelets and stem cells.
  • Doing a second spin with the same blood to produce coagulants and
  • Mixing it with minerals to produce a thick form of bone, and
  • Suturing it in place with resorbable sutures to make sure it is secure

Of all the bone grafting materials Dr O has used in the past, he likes A-PRF the best used in the way he outlined above. He has observed that it produces new bone quicker and healthier than any other bone grafting material.