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Due to Dental Board guidelines, Dr. O is unable to recommend treatment unless you are able to travel to San Diego to see him. The reality of dental treatment usually involves several trips with extended stays, usually 1-2 weeks at a time. This makes dental treatment for out of the area patients logistically very difficult. 

After reading the above, if you are still interested in becoming a patient of our practice, please begin by doing the following:

If Dr. O thinks he can help you after he reviews all your records, you will be contacted to schedule your first phone consultation. On this call, he will discuss your case and your situation with you. The fee for this initial consultation and planning call is $150.

If you are unable to travel to San Diego or it is just too difficult to do your dental work long distance, then you should look for a holistic dentist in your area. Most offices have a Yelp page. Make sure the dentist you are considering has mostly good reviews. In dentistry you can’t avoid an occasional bad review, but in the balance, there should mostly be good ones. In addition ask around and see who the most popular holistic dentists are in your area.Here are some questions Dr O thinks you should ask before deciding which office is right for you: 

5 Questions to Ask When Researching Potential Dental Offices

  1. What is your protocol for removing old metal restorations like amalgam and composites?
  2. Do you place zirconia implants? Which system do you use?
  3. What lasers are used in the office? Do you have a Fotona Laser?
  4. Do you use PRF? What other grafting materials does the doctor like?
  5. Are your composites free of BPA (BisPhenol A) and fluoride?

If you don’t know what these things are above, you can go to my website and read more about them, or sign up for my upcoming free course to learn what they are and why they are important. 

Hidden Threats to Your Health That Start In Your Mouth

5 Best Holistic Dental Practices
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Find a Nearby Holistic Dentist

These organizations will help you to locate holistic dentists
near you to contact for your dental care:

International Association of Mercury Free Dentists

International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology

Holistic Dental Association

Campaign for Mercury Free Dentistry

International Academy of  Biological Dentistry & Medicine

Find a Dentist Using Fotona Laser

This web site will help you locate a dentist near you who uses the same laser Dr. O’Rielly uses:

Use the chat or call 1 972-598-9000