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In my practice it’s been proven with a high definition microscope that you can definitely get rid of parasites in the mouth in 30 days. Why should you care? If you have traveled much or have had pets in your life chances are that you have been exposed to parasites like the ones shown in the picture to the right.

Parasites, like amoeba, are complex microorganisms. They have organelles analogous to the organs in our bodies and because of this they are considered to be an animal life form. If you want to jump right to the video showing how baking soda eradicates these complex and otherwise resistant pathogens.

The advantage of doing microscope videos when we are looking at dental health and oral infections is that these are not static pictures or a test result showing the presence of a certain bacteria that’s present at a certain point in time. These are dynamic, complex tissue samples showing in real time:

  • The types of bacteria in the mouth
  • The amounts of each type of bacteria or microbe in the mouth
  • How they are interacting with each other.  A lot of these microbes are symbiotic and help to produce more complex infections over time.
  • How they are affecting you, the host.

The microbes that we are sampling for and want to eradicate are the ones living between your teeth and along your gum line. These are areas that are usually more acidic and oxygen depleted. Because these areas of your mouth are more acidic and oxygen poor, this allows certain microbes that are called anaerobic (which means without oxygen) to live and thrive.  The anaerobic microbes, whether we are talking about bacteria or parasites, don’t do very well out in the open where your natural defenses like saliva and other oxygen loving bacteria live and thrive. These oxygen loving microbes are called aerobic bacteria and are a natural part of you oral environment or terrain. The anaerobic microbes are not natural and in fact are very harmful to the health of our mouths and our bodies.

These anaerobic microbes are very aggressive and when they leak into the body, they can cause problems elsewhere. They are called stealth pathogens because they are hard for the body to find and hard to get rid of. The two pathogens I am most concerned with are Spirochetes and Amoeba. These are very inflammatory microbes that attack and feed on your white and red blood cells. My patients can actually see this happening when we view their sample on a high def TV screen.

Imagine your mouth being infected with these harmful pathogens for years or even decades and the toll this takes on your body and immune system. Gum and teeth infections are nothing to take lightly because the bacteria will leak into your gut and blood stream and get access to other organs. The organs that have been linked to gum disease are the heart, causing coronary heat disease (CHD), the circulatory system including strokes, the joints through rheumatoid arthritis, and the brain. I have mentioned the gut and digestive system, and this is of primary importance to our immune system, because if the intestinal lining gets inflamed, then the immune system starts to react to these antigens and can cause or exacerbate autoimmune conditions.

So here we go. This first video seems to be the most popular one as it has over 700,000 views. It shows a few white blood cells (WBC’s) being attacked by bacteria. This is a sample I took directly from a patients mouth as are all my samples. This video is a rare glimpse into the dynamic between bacteria and WBC’s that you would otherwise not be able to see. In this video you have WBC’s in varying degrees of breakdown and death, as the mouth is not a favorable environment for them.

If you play the video you will hear the whole story of how bacteria are attaching themselves to the cell membrane of the WBC’s. This is a great example of what can happen to your immune cells when faced with these kinds of bacteria found in the mouth. This is why good home care to lower the amounts of bacteria around your teeth and gums is so important.

In the next video I show how to kill amoeba in the mouth with a simple powder that you can get from just about any drug or grocery store in America. Baking Soda is actually a salt, a very strong salt. The reason why baking soda works so well to kill bacteria and amoeba is that it sucks water out of the microbes until they are dead. Some mIcrobes like spirochetes have defensive mechanisms to resist the chemical attack from antibiotics. They can adapt, change forms or hide in biofilms or other cells. This is why they are called stealth pathogens, because they survive attack from antibiotics. However, when it comes to baking soda they really have no defense. This makes baking soda one of the most effective ways to kill these pathogens and start to break up biofilm in the mouth. However, it needs to be applied correctly and used under supervision if you have high blood pressure.

So in the first video we are watching the salt from the baking soda penetrating into the plaque which is the white film that sticks to your teeth and along your gums. Plaque is broken down food, especially carbs and sugar. The plaque in your mouth is similar to the plaque and biofilm found in your body. Plaque and biofilm is a great place for bacteria and other microbes to hide and escape exposure to your immune cells and attack from antibiotics. In this video I am pointing out the amoeba that are present in the plaque. These parasites are aggressive and cause a of bleeding and inflammation so they can feed on the red blood cells that are released when you have bleeding gums.

Amoeba cause bleeding gumsWhen you play the video you will see the baking soda killing the amoeba as it penetrates the sample. You will also see it start to break up the biofilm where these inflammatory microbes hide. Baking soda has been shown to be very effective in removing these aggressive stealth pathogens in the mouth. This allows the gums to recover, heal and become pink again instead of red and bleeding.

If you have made it this far, I want to thank you for watching these videos. Removing dental infections and toxicity is one of the core principals of living a long, healthy life. We call it one of the 7 Principals of Longevity and will be writing more about this in other blog posts. We will also be writing about how to decrease the inflammation in the mouth as well as in your body, as they go hand in hand. From what I see in my practice, systemic inflammation should be very close to the #1 health concern in America. More on this later.

In the meantime, let’s get the inflammation and infection out of your mouth, because eventually it can make you sick. If you know anyone who would be interested in getting a microscope evaluation and video done, feel free to send them a link to this article. They can also visit to our website to read more about what we do, check out the other articles, or subscribe to this blog and to our YouTube channel.

All the best,

Carey ORielly, DDS

Dr Carey ORielly has his holistic dental practice in Encinitas, San Diego county, California. He has been practicing for over 30 years and has been studying how dentistry affects overall health since 1995. Dr O helps his patients get rid of toxic dental materials. He also treats oral infection by utilizing a HD microscope to identify bacteria and pathogens. He is beginning a research project to study the effects of stealth pathogens on the immune system and systemic disease. His mission is to help people recover from the harmful effects of stealth pathogens in the mouth.