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stealth pathogens and autoimmune disease

MediHerb owner discusses pathogens and autoimmune disease.

As a holistic dentist who has viewed hundreds of videos showing the microbiome in the mouth, the idea of stealth pathogens causing autoimmune disease is very familiar to me.  Thanks to my wife Victoria’s interest in herbal medicine, we were in Los Angeles last week at a class given by popular Australian Master Herbalists Kerry Bone and Lee Carroll.  Kerry Bone is the author of a massive textbook on herbal medicine and is the founder of MediHerb, the sister company to whole food nutrition company Standard Process.  Standard Process was started in 1930 by Dr. Royal Lee, a dentist.

They reviewed protocols and what can be done to recover health from these sometimes life threatening infections. It was a life changing course because this information is not commonly available and based on over 30 years of treating difficult infections such as Lyme’s, Epstein-Barre, and walking pneumonia. Other conditions discussed included Autoimmune Conditions, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Ulcerative Cholitis, Crohn’s Disease, SIBO, Dementia or MS, Syphilis. Mold Sensitivity, and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. The list of chronic diseases caused by stealth pathogens is quite long and it is getting longer as time goes on. Who do you know who is suffering from one of these chronic conditions and are traditional treatments working for them?  I think most of us know at least one person who has one or more of the above.

The Stealth Pathogens referenced above include Borrelia/Spirochetes, Epstein-Barr Virus, Herpes, Toxiplasma, Bartonella, Helicobacter, Mycoplasma, Babesia, other Protozoa, Worms/Hookworms, and MAP. There are others as well – too many to list here. Some of these you may be familiar with. Others probably not. However, rest assured, these pathogens are becoming more well known as more and more people are infected with these hard to get rid of bacteria, fungi and viruses.

I hate to report this but unfortunately stealth pathogens are in our food supply, passed from person to person and from animal to person. It seems not a month goes by that we don’t hear of someone dealing with one of these intractable infections. In my practice I see this quite often. As an example, Lyme Disease, caused by the Borrelia spirochete is becoming extremely common. I probably see one or two patients that have Lyme Disease every week.

If you know someone who has Lyme Disease you know that it is extremely difficult to get rid of. The typical treatment may include 6 months of antibiotics, which not only damages your natural intestinal microbiome, but often fails to clear the original infection. The patient may get ‘better’ in terms of some of their symptoms, but by no means are they cured.

In fact in some circles it is even believed that one is never fully cured of Lyme Disease. The reason for this is that spirochetes are very adept at surviving chemical attack from antibiotics. They hide in biofilms, other cells, and in various tissues and organs of the body only to come out later to cause another setback and relapse of symptoms. They can even morph and change shapes to better protect themselves when stressed, attacked or their preferred anaerobic (low oxygen) environment is altered.

The picture to the left shows a spirochete with it’s typical coiled shape attached to the membrane of a cell. As mentioned above this is quite common and can be seen happening in the mouth in real time with the aid of a HD microscope. I have such a microscope in my practice and use it whenever I suspect the presence of inflammatory bacteria and microbes in the mouth. These are the same microbes that cause gum disease, breakdown of tissue and bone, and inflame the immune system.

Here is a screenshot of a video I have on YouTube showing bacteria attaching themselves to the membrane of a White Blood Cell in the mouth. This is a great example of how aggressive bacteria can attack our immune cells and eventually kill them. In the mouth I can see this happening all the time. We are taught that our immune system attacks bacteria. This is certainly true but sometimes the tables are turned and bacteria and other stealth pathogens can be found attacking our white blood cells as well.

Click on the screen shot to the left to view a live video taken with the HD microscope. This and other microscope videos are on my YouTube page. This particular video has over 700,000 views which shows the high level of interest in how these oral pathogens affect our bodies.

Now the good news. Yes, there is hope. Given the above reality it was a relief to learn that there are practical herbal protocols to address so many of the stubborn bacterial and viral pathogens that afflict so many of my patients. One of the new products that was introduced at the symposium was myrrh in tablet form. Myrr as it turns out is incredibly effective at combating these stealth infections, however it needs to be taken in specific ways under the supervision of a practitioner who is familiar with the protocol.

Another effective treatment for stealth pathogens is oregano oil, which has always been recommended in my practice to add to coconut oil for oil pulling. As it turns out Lee Carroll also recommends oil pulling and Kerry Bone shared his Triad for treating Stealth Pathogens in the mouth. Moving forward I will be including their recommendations into my protocols for treating these oral infections, including the very aggressive and stubborn cases of spirochetes.

Another new product I am happy to be able to offer is Viranon, which, as the name suggests, is effective against viruses.   While viruses cannot be detected with the microscope, they are often a co-factor in other infections.

Stay tuned for more detailed protocols using herbs to combat these covert invaders and the infections that result. This is a fascinating and exciting knowledge base that we have access to, as Kerry Bone and Lee Carroll have been working on developing protocols and products for the last 30 years since they founded MediHerb.

In case you were wondering this is a picture of Lee Carroll to the left. He will be teaching a year long Master Class on herbs. We will be able to pass on the pearls and other helpful tips are we go.

If you know anyone who would be interested in getting a microscope sample and video done to evaluate their oral microbiome feel free to send them a link to this article. They can also visit to our website to read more about what we do. We are passionate about the health of the mouth and how it affects the health of the body. Check out the other articles we have on our website or better yet subscribe to this blog and to our YouTube channel.

Thank you for reading this long post, but I feel it is important information. I look forward to our ongoing relationship and hearing from you soon.

All the best,

Carey ORielly, DDS

Dr Carey ORielly has his holistic dental practice in Encinitas, San Diego county, California. He has been practicing for over 30 years and for has been studying how dentistry affects overall health since 1995. Dr O helps his patients get rid of toxic dental materials. He also treats oral infection of all kinds by utilizing a HD microscope to identify the bacteria and pathogens that are causing them.  He has done thousands of microscope tests and studied the oral microbiome. He is beginning a research project to study the effects of stealth pathogens on the immune system and systemic disease.