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Hidden Root Canal InfectionsThis image shows a hidden root canal infection and is a follow up to my post earlier this week showing an infected tooth that was not visible on a normal dental Xray. This is actually happens more often than I could have thought possible without high resolution 3D imaging. In these images we see the infection uncovered because there is no way it can hide in the jaw like it does with 2D Xrays. The bone of the jaws are dense enough to hide some of these infections. Who knows how long they stay undetected.

It’s important to find these infections and treat them because the bacteria is leaking into your body affecting your immune system. These infections never go away because the tooth that’s draining bacteria and is dead because it has no blood supply. So essentially what we have is an infection that is 24/7 and never goes away or heals.

In this image we not only have the infection clearly visible but something that’s even more concerning. The infection from the tooth is draining directly into the mandibular canal, which is the passageway of the nerve, blood, and lymph supply for all the teeth of the lower jaw. What this image is able to show quite clearly is that pus from the tooth has direct access to the blood and lymph supply of the jaw and therefore the rest of the body.

If this infection is not discovered, it can keep draining bacteria into your jaw for years until one day it causes pain or swelling. Not every infected tooth is painful. This is the danger of tooth infections; they may never cause pain. No one wants pain, but having an untreated infection is just as bad or worse, because it will put a stress on the immune system and may weaken it over time.