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1. Be aware that, while silver amalgams have long been used in dental care as a filling material, over time they can cause micro fractures in your teeth. Get all the facts about silver amalgams.

2. Once you have made the decision to change your silver amalgams, it is important that amalgam removal follow a reliable procedure.

3. Did you know that the way that your teeth fit together can affect your entire body? Over time the teeth can often wear unevenly, causing problems as diverse as headaches, neck pain and indigestion.

4. Take really good care of your gums, because problems with your gums can develop into a disease known as periodontal disease. Preventive maintenance, with consistent home hygiene and regular cleanings are the best ways to have healthy gums

5. A radiant smile shows the world how you feel and there may be ways you’d like to see your smile improved. So much is possible with recent advances that cosmetic dental care and natural dental care can now be one and the same. Talk to your dentist to find out what’s possible for you.