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Why are GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) front and center in many of our articles?  It’s because GMO’s cause an inflammatory situation in the body, and inflammation is one of the basic causes of gum disease, the next topic to be discussed. GMO’s are genetically engineered to have pesticides as part of their makeup.  Genetic engineering helps the crops survive doses of pesticides, but does not protect the end consumer who ingests them.

The consumption of foods that are by nature inflammatory adds to the toxic overload that our bodies are so vulnerable to in this polluted environment.  Fluoride, mercury from the environment as well as from dental materials, water tables that have been polluted by medications, chemicals from cleaning and personal care products: these are just a few of the sources that add to the mix.  The body’s channels of elimination: the skin, large intestines, liver and kidneys become overworked and plugged up and the inflammatory response becomes chronic.

That is when we start to see bleeding gums, one the first symptoms of gum disease.  That is also why a holistic dentist, a practitioner concerned with a holistic view of the body, an approach that views the body as whole, is so concerned about GMO’s.

For a more comprehensive view of the role that inflammation plays in gum disease, ‘leaky gut’ syndrome and problems associated with the brain like Alzheimer’s disease and stroke, please view the following video:

Please note that the video discusses food sensitivities to gluten, dairy and legumes as dietary challenges leading to inflammation. However sensitivities brought on by eating the commonly found GMO’s in corn, soy and canola may also be contributing factors in the inflammatory cycle.  The video mentions that the brain, gums and intestines are all integrated together by the vagus nerve, which serves as a pathway between all three.  This may lead to chronic conditions over time that are forseeable and preventable with proper diet and dental care.