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I ran across a good book written by Nadine Artemis called ‘Holistic Dentistry’ while at the Longevity Now conference. She was one of the keynote speakers there and has a whole product line of natural dental products. I spoke with her for a few minutes and had a chance to look through her book. I was impressed at good the book was even though it was not written by a dentist. Sometimes it is better that way, as people understand things better when explained by a layman. She struck me as someone who was well informed on how maximize dental health including dental materials and of course natural ways to eliminate dental bacteria causing cavities and gum disease. She also spent some time explaining the importance of the bite and structural integrity of the head and neck, specifically how braces alters the bite. If you are looking for a good general book about healthy dentistry, this is a good choice.

I will be blogging my content for the books ‘A-Z Holistic Dentistry’ and ‘Leaky Gums – Leaky Gut’ for the next several months.  I invite you to come back and follow along.