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Health Issues of GMO’s and More
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There is evidence to support the view that genetically engineered foods are a health issue. Please see the video below for an explanation of this, done as a social science project by students at Michigan State University.

The introduction of GMO’s is also an environmental, social, political and even a cultural issue.

In Europe, where food safety regulation is more in place to ensure that new foods being introduced to market don’t contain substances that might cause toxic or allergic reactions, genetically modified foods are being introduced more cautiously.

From an environmental standpoint, the issues are:

1) The creation of ‘super-bugs’ and possibly ‘super-weeds’ that can withstand genetic modifications
2) limiting bio-diversity and probably most important

3) the fact that GMO releases, done mostly without careful regulation and monitoring, will be irreversible.

The release of genetically modified foods into the environment means that over time organic farmers will not be able to guarantee that their plants have not cross pollinated with GMO’s.