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phydronAcid Alkaline balance is important for our health.  It is no different for our mouths.  To moniter PH of the mouth is very easy.  Go down to a health food store and ask for pHydrion PH paper.  If they don’t have it, you can send away for it.  It should cost in the range of $8 to $10.

Once you get the paper roll, tear off about an inch of it and get it wet from your saliva in your mouth.  You should try to wait an hour or two since your last meal.  The paper should be blue or blue green.  Blue basically means your saliva is alkaline which is what you want.  If you see blue this means that your saliva is balanced and your body is going to be balanced as well.  Yellow means your saliva is acidic which is not so good.  Green or yellow green means slightly acidic.

The PH of the saliva usually mirrors the PH of your body to some degree although the saliva can vary depending on your recent diet, sleep patterns and stress levels. Also, if you have recently binged on sugar, carbs or had alcohol in the last 12 hours, your saliva PH can be more acidic than normal.  If you have acidic saliva there are definate steps that can be taken to counteract and reverse the acidity.  Look for more on PH balance and its importance to our health in the next few days.