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It has been a year since the FDA was forced by a court settlement to put a warning about amalgam fillings on their website.  That is until July 28th, 2009. Remember this date because it is the date that the FDA basically reversed its position and was able to go back to its old ways.  I read the transcript of the lawsuit and in my opinion it was not one of the FDA’s finer moments.

This was to be the opportunity for the FDA to step up and help protect children and the unborn from mercury poisoning.  It did not happen.  In fact the only people with clout who seem to care are consumer groups and a spattering of politicians like Congresswoman Diane Watson (D-CA) and Congressman Dan Burton (R-IN) who co-authored a letter to FDA, signed by 19 Members of Congress, calling for a rule to protect children and young women from amalgam.

The FDA has essentially passed the buck and is providing little leadership.  It took a lawsuit and pressure from the judge to get them to settle in the first place.  The FDA of course fought the lawsuit and tried to wiggle out of it, but the judge wouldn’t let them.  When it comes down to it, it looks like they just don’t want to deal with this issue.

No one expected them to be as progressive as Sweden or Norway and ban amalgam fillings all together.  However, it was expected that they would stand behind their previous warning and not recommend amalgams for children and women who are pregnant.   Models of this appoach are Canada and Britain who have banned amalgam use for these two groups. This is our government not willing to make the tough decisions necessary to protect the public.