Holistic Dental Care is key in supporting your body’s vitality.


Our practice integrates the best of traditional dentistry with holistic care for a dazzling, healthy smile.

Dr. O’Rielly is a gentle, experienced and environmentally aware dentist. He uses only bio-friendly materials, providing complete biological and holistic care. He offers natural gum care and a full range of services in a peaceful, park-like, non-toxic setting.

Dr. Carey O'Rielly

Dr. Carey O'Rielly

Holistic Dentist


Natural Cosmetic Restorations

A holistic smile makeover can have a dramatic effect on how you look and how you feel.  Enhance your smile by replacing old dental work, missing or damaged teeth. We use natural-looking, non-toxic and durable porcelains for crowns, bridges and veneers.  Your teeth will look and feel all-natural!


Bio-Friendly Dental Materials
The latest in dental materials makes a metal-free smile possible. Durable fillings and crowns can be made with state-of-the-art resins and porcelains. Swiss-made, non-conductive ceramic implants can refresh your smile by replacing missing or damaged teeth. All of today’s dental care can be both holistic and cosmetic.


Natural Gum Care
Renew and heal areas in your mouth where inflammation and infections are active. This may be due to decay, old root canals or gum disease. Dr O will check extractions and old root canals for bacteria leakage, a 24/7 source of unseen infection called cavitations. Treating these hidden areas of bacteria is important for your health.

What People Say


For many of us, it is difficult to find a reputable dentist who has the awareness and technology to offer alternatives to commonly used dental materials and procedures. Dr. O’Rielly addresses dentistry from a holistic and health-promoting perspective which makes my concerns feel common and appropriate.

With the help of Dr. O’Rielly and his staff, I’ve had all the metal fillings removed from my teeth. I was comfortable and supported throughout the procedure and experience greater health and vitality as a result. I am presently in the process of a dental implant procedure that has been far more comfortable and incident-free than I ever could have imagined.

I strongly recommend Dr. O’Rielly to provide the best dental assistance the industry has to offer.

Susan Gold

Newport Beach

Integrative Dentistry

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