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The Problem with Traditional Orthodontics

Often traditional orthodontics:

  • Necessitates extraction of teeth to make room due to crowding
  • Applies too much force on the teeth resulting in pain
  • Moves the teeth into a position that is not stable resulting in relapse
  • Requires the use of retainers for many years if not decades to prevent said relapse
  • Requires the use of non biocompatible materials causing stress on the immune system and sores and ulcers on the cheeks and gums

The goal of orthodontics is to move teeth. However, the result is often unstable because the teeth are often moved to positions that do not allow chewing pressures to be centered over the denser bone. These patients are often ’married’ to their retainers to prevent relapse by holding their teeth in these unstable positions. Frequently, in spite of this the teeth will slowly relapse anyway. This is because the teeth want to go back to where they had the most stability initially, although they may not have been straight in these positions. Patients endure years of expensive treatment only to relapse, partly because the skeletal issues are not resolved. This is where Functional Appliances like the ALF can help.