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The ALF Appliance: A marriage of orthodontics and chiropractics

Dr O’Rielly no longer does work of this nature, but he highly recommends it for children in their formative years.

The ALF appliance is a new approach to orthodontics and is used to straighten teeth in both children and adults. In addition the ALF we can treat bite problems, i.e. underdeveloped or crowded teeth, jaw joint dysfunctions and pain, and airway obstruction. This therapy is extremely dynamic.

The teeth are not an isolated system. They are part of a structural system that includes the cranial bones, the jaw joint and in fact the structural integrity of the entire body.  Teeth and the supporting jaws are part of a complex skeletal system that influences the function of the neuromuscular system. The human body is constantly trying to find balance and self-correcting. In my opinion that is why it responds well to the ALF.

The main benefits of the ALF Appliance Therapy are:

  • Straighter teeth
  • Improving the bite
  • Balancing the cranial bones, which affects corresponding facial balance
  • Helps to correct discrepancies in the jaws
  • Improves body posture, due to the effects of balancing the cranial bones, the jaws, and the cervical spine.

Like any orthodontic treatment the earlier it is done the better, even as young as 4-5 years old. Bite issues in children can result in mouth breathing, airway obstruction that interrupts their sleep at night, and some ear issues. Also, when you treat early, the case advances quickly and reverses the dental and structural imbalances that cause many of the breathing problems stated above.

While ideal for kids, ALF Therapy is appropriate at any age. Adults who have crowded and bite issues can benefit greatly as well. ALF Appliance Therapy is a whole body approach used to correct crooked teeth as well as cranial problems with their corresponding structural imbalances. Reduction in symptoms is common when combined with other structural support.