Natural Gum Care

Carolyn 1Gum disease is an inflammatory disease caused by a bacterial infection in the sulcus, the area where the gums fold around the teeth. Bleeding gums is a sign of this condition.  You may not realize you are in danger of weakening the support for your teeth until it is too late, unless your friendly dentist shows you what is going on.

Identifying any of the five pathogens commonly associated with oral problems and disease is the first step.  An excellent way to understand your current condition is with the video capability of a high definition microscope. You have heard the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  Well this certainly applies here. You will be able to see the amounts and types of bacteria in real time, and will also be armed with the tools and know how to combat infection and improve the health of your mouth.

The human body is usually very resilient and can deal with the low grade infection associated with gum disease over the short term. It is the long term that we are concerned with. Multiple sources of stress and infections will compromise the body’s ability to heal and maintain function.

So it is not only important to identify these issues, it is important to monitor them as well, which routine microscope evaluation allows us to do.  There are simple and often inexpensive protocols that can be done at home to maintain healthy gums over the long term.