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Advanced Laser Endodontic Therapy

The Bio-Friendly Way to Heal Infected Teeth

Reduce Swelling & Get Out of Pain Naturally

All too often antibiotics are used to get patients out of tooth ache pain. Now there is a way to treat pain and swelling with natural support and therapies that often negate the need for antibiotics.

Promote Healing with Ozone and Laser Bio-Stimulation

Sterilize Bacteria in Hard to Reach Tubules

The antibacterial and oxygenating properties of ozone flush out and penetrate into the microtubules of the tooth. .

Heal Painful, Infected Root Canals with ‘Enlightened’ Laser Technology


Using powerful laser light frequencies, it’s now possible to fully clean and sterilize an infected tooth. The SWEEPS mode of the Fotona laser, along with ozone and several activating solutions, make it possible flush out and penetrate the microtubules of the tooth. Research has shown that ozone is more effective at killing bacteria than even bleach. At the end of treatment, ozone and bio-stimulation with the Nd:YAG laser promotes healing in the gums and bone around the tooth.

Looking for an Alternative to
Traditional Root Canal Therapy?

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Thankfully, a treatment protocol has recently been developed that solves the two deficiencies of traditional endodontics (namely using files and reemers to clean out the canals of the tooth and leaving bacteria behind in the microtubules of the roots). When we use the SWEEPS mode of the Fotona Erbium laser, virtually all the bacteria present in infected teeth is eliminated.  Let’s see how it works:

How I can Help

Advanced Laser Endodontic Therapy (ALET) successfully addresses the two major disadvantages of traditional root canal therapy: the inability to clean and sanitize anatomically complex root-canal systems and to deeply disinfect dentinal walls and tubules.

Prevent Some Root Canals with Ozone

The secret to preventing root canals from deep decay and cavities is by using ozone. It stimulates blood flow and kills the bacteria that will infect your tooth and drain into your body. 

Heal Extractions with Your Own Stem Cells

The most important thing to do after an extraction is to restore the health of the bone around the tooth. PRF are healing factors derived from your own blood that provide all the regenerative properties needed to heal the bone quickly.

Followup Bio-Stimulation for Healing

The body sometimes needs encouragement to recover from procedures like extractions or root canals. The laser function called Bio-Stimulation promotes blood flow and cellular ATP production.

Nutritional Support for Dental Health

Good nutrition is the foundation of a balanced oral microbiome healthy teeth and gums.  Supplements like Vitamins C and D provide support as well.  We are happy to provide you with some options.

I’ve Developed a Holistic way of Restoring Dental Health and Supporting Wellness

Many years ago, when I became a holistic/biological dentist, I set numerous precautions in place to obtain the best possible results for my patients. Building on these precautions, which include doors and windows that open and numerous fans and filters, I am able to provide essential dental care during this period of heightened infection control.


About Dr. Carey O’Rielly

Holistic Dentist

Carey O’Rielly DDS has been a practicing dentist for 35 years.  He went to USC Dental School and Duke University for his undergraduate degree.  He grew up in Laguna Beach and now lives in La Costa with his wife Victoria, who runs his office.

He began his career by owning and operating a network of six offices in the San Francisco Bay Area.  After a decade of practicing traditional dentistry, Dr O began having health challenges, namely irritable bowel syndrome and chest pains that resulted from the stress and environmental toxicity of his practices. This sent him on a journey of learning not only how to heal himself but how dentistry affects your health.

This is why Dr O opened Integrative Dentistry of San Diego over 20 years ago.  His practice is a holistic and biological practice where no metals are used and his staff and patients are protected from the chemicals and toxic materials found in most dental offices. He has produced an environmentally friendly office that is also peaceful and calm.


My Approach

My approach to dentistry is to provide support to systemic health through the use of metal-free, biologically compatible dental materials and minimally-invasive treatment through the use of ozone and laser technology.

My Process

I have created a unique sterilization strategy and an environment conducive to healing through removing toxic materials and bacteria.  We do this through the use of high-speed ventilation, ozone, and specially crafted dental tools.

My Practice

You’ll find a peaceful atmosphere at our office where we see only one patient at a time. Our mission is to work together as a team with you and your family to support the long term goal of happier, healthier smiles.

“Today, Photon-Induced Photoacoustic Streaming (PIPS) represents a leading advancement in laser-activated irrigation and disinfection. Any dentist who is committed to exquisitely cleaning root canal systems will definitely appreciate PIPS. This technology will not only send photoacoustic shockwaves through both minimally and fully prepared canals, but will also propagate shockwaves through our profession by promoting predictably successful results.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

One of the premier trainers in root canal therapy in the USA

Clifford J. Ruddle, DDS

I hope techniques will be forthcoming which will solve dentin tubule sterilization problems, and the use of lasers is a possibility.

George Meinig, DDS

Author of ‘The Root Canal Coverup’ written in 1993






Dr. O’s Root Canal Articles

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

What are Dentinal Tubules and why do they matter?

Dentinal Tubules are communication channels between the pulpal tissue, i.e. the blood and lymph vessels inside the canals of the tooth and the ligament and bone outside the tooth.  These channels transmit not only feeling to the nerve of the tooth but nutrition and immune cells from the pulp tissue into the hard structures of the tooth (the dentin and enamel) to keep it healthy and strong.  More and more research is coming out showing the importance of the tubules in keeping the tooth vital and healthy.

happens to the tubules when a tooth gets infected?<br />

When the tooth ‘dies’, the pulpal tissue necroses (undergoes tissue death) through bacterial invasion.  The most common cause of this is from decay or a deep cavity,  When the bacteria invades and overruns the soft tissue in the canals, the tooth becomes diseased and infected.  It is now a sick tooth and needs treatment.

Before the tooth became infected the tubules were filled with nutrients, minerals and even immune cells.  After the infection the tubules become filled with bacteria, bacteria waste products called endotoxins, and other inflammatory materials and byproducts of anaerobic metabolism now prevalent in the tooth.

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Is there a way to avoid bleach during root canals?

Actually, there is.  Ozone is now being used to good effect during root canal therapy.  This is really good news as ozone breaks down to oxygen in he body and can be used to great effect when treating root canals.  The reason ozone holds such promise in treating root canals is that is has been shown to be more effective at killing bacteria that even bleach, which is toxic to the body.  I am hopeful that we will hear more about PIPS technology and the use of ozone as an alternative to the use of bleach in root canal therapy.

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