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Dr. O’Rielly’s 12 Things to do Before Getting Porcelain Veneers

  • Take photos of the teeth beforehand. This will come in handy later when someone, namely you or your dentist wants to refer back to what the teeth looked like before. It will also help the lab.
  • Ask your dentist for 2-3 examples of prior cosmetic cases he or she has done so you can see what kind of work is possible and see if you like the look being proposed to you
  • Ask what lab he likes to use and why he likes them. Also ask if he uses more than one lab and why/what are the differences between them.
  • Take impressions to make study models of your teeth before starting. This will allow you and the dentist to look at, discuss and plan the case.
  • Have your dentist do wax ups of the models to mock up the case and design the shape, length and contours of the teeth as proposed by the dentist and the lab. This will give you and the dentist a chance to look at and discuss the look of the teeth and make corrections before you ‘go live.’
  • Once all the above is in place and you approve it, you are ready to prepare the teeth and make temporaries. You will also need to ask if the dentist does his own temporaries and to show you some examples of his temporaries as well.
  • Also, you need to find out if your dentist has a soft tissue laser and if he recommends it be used in your case. A laser can improve the contours of your gums which can make a dramatic improvement in the overall result.
  • Pictures should also be taken of the temporaries so that they can be sent to the lab as well. The lab technician really needs to have as much information as possible to make sure that he understands what you and the dentist wants him to do.
  • While the temporaries are on, this is a great time for you and your dentist to evaluate the look of your teeth and to make any changes that are necessary and desired. These changes to the temporaries are important for the final result because the instructions to the lab will change during this phase. It always does.
  • Once you and your dentist are in agreement on the shape and look of the temporaries new pictures should be taken and sent to the lab.
  • Finally, after the veneers/crown have been made by the lab, have the lab send pictures of the case so that you and your dentist can discuss them over the phone. Any changes can be easily made at this point in time. You may also want to talk to the lab if you think it is necessary.
  • Only after you and your dentist agree that the design, color and shape are what you desire should the case be sent out to the office.