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Three very important reasons why people commonly experience problems with implants are:

  1. Implants are technique sensitive. If they are not done properly there may be complications.
  2. The implant design and placement makes a difference in how implants heal and how accessible they are for routine care. A significant factor in healing is whether or not the implant placement creates any micro gaps or hiding places where bacteria can cause inflammation. This can cause gum and bone loss of up to 1.5 mm, leading to gum problems around the implant.
  3. Implants should be considered no different than teeth and thus subject to the same dangers, including gum disease. Extensive evaluation of the types and amount of bacteria present in each of patient’s mouth should be done prior to placement. Any high risk bacteria should be reduced and hopefully eliminated before implant treatment begins for the best results.

Our practice emphasizes the third factor above because it is a relatively simple preventive measure and generally is over looked by most dentists. Certainly the investment of financial and other resources required for implants warrants this special attention.

Our on-staff implantologist, Dr. Jay Friedman is able to offer our patients titanium or zirconia dental implant placement – from a single tooth to the entire mouth – along with bone grafting and sinus augmentation. He is one of the few dentists in San Diego County who is experienced with the technological advances in zirconia implants.

As a prosthodontist, Dr. Friedman is a highly trained specialist who provides restorative procedures that involve the full mouth, such as reconstructive surgery after accidents He is also an active duty Lieutenant Commander in the US Navy at Camp Pendleton, where he is Chairman of the Implant Board and Head of the Department of Prosthodontics.

If you are considering an implant, please call 760–632–1304 to evaluate your oral bacteria or galvanic response, or to get further information.