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raspberries-215858_1280People often ask me, “What makes a holistic dentist different?” The oral/systemic connection has become very clear to health-minded patients, many of which consume gluten free diets, who know that dental wellness is important for whole body health. A holistic approach means practicing in a way that minimizes the body’s exposure to bacteria and toxic elements, coming from the mouth itself, as well as during dental treatment.

At Integrative Dentistry, some aspects of our holistic approach are:

  • Use of a microscope to identify certain bacteria in the mouth
  • Specific home care instructions to minimize inflammation so your gums don’t bleed during cleanings and dental work. Bleeding gums allow bacteria into your blood stream and cause immune stress.
  • Removal of old amalgam fillings using a strict protocol to prevent swallowing or breathing   mercury.
  • Use of a similar protocol when removing old composite fillings which contain BPA.
  • Use of materials that have been tested as safer by a lab for immune reactivity.
  • Providing homeopathic and essential oils to relieve stress, anxiety and for overall health.
  • Having a peaceful and non toxic environment for my patients.

This has been a mainstay of my practice for many years.

It may come as a surprise that gluten is found in some common dental materials and products. However, those of us who are gluten free know that it’s important to be vigilant, because conditions can be worsened by factors like an overly acidic diet and dysbiosis or ‘leaky gut’. Many of my patients are gluten free and I want to make sure that they are not exposed to gluten through their dental work.

Since BPA has been identified as a potential hormone disruptor, I also want to make sure there is no exposure during dental work or orthodontic treatment.