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With up to 80% of the population suffering from some form of gingivitis or gum disease, gum care and gum treatments have received a lot of attention over the years. Integrating traditional modalities with natural and alternative approaches, along with technological advances like dental laser surgery, makes it possible to achieve a positive outcome in dealing with this common condition.

Signs and symptoms of gum disease may include red, bleeding gums, swollen gums, sensitivity, recession, soreness, bad breath, and loose teeth. The early stages of periodontal or gum disease is known as gingivitis. Ultimately, gum disease can lead to infection and tooth loss and the systemic inflammation that has been linked to heart disease and strokes.

Some of the biggest culprits and contributors to gum disease are stress, improper nutrition, neglect of oral hygiene/home care and smoking. Additionally certain conditions like diabetes and hormonal changes associated with pregnancy are associated with gum issues and bone loss. There are many things people can do to help improve the health and resiliency of their gums.

At Integrative Dental Practice, Dr. O’Rielly does all the cleanings himself in order to familiarize himself with patients’ conditions and what they will best respond to. He can then recommend individualized hygiene programs targeting specific needs, and closely monitor each patient’s progress.

Patients with 4-6 mm pockets can sometimes be brought back to the normal range of 2-3 mm without expensive and painful surgery using laser dental care, focused home hygiene and nutritional support. Dr. O’Rielly’s experience has demonstrated that a customized, monitored program can alter conditions that contribute to this problem, in some cases dramatically.

Dr. O’Rielly has developed a protocol incorporating laser dentistry, proper nutrition and home care to set the stage for healing gum tissue. Once this is in place, whatever treatment that follows in terms of regular and deep cleanings will have the maximum effect in helping to heal gums, decrease pocket depths and lower inflammation. Red and bleeding gums become tight and pink again.

Dr. O’Rielly has found that the key is to provide the proper support for your gums so they actually heal and respond to treatment. An added benefit to this simple, effective and non invasive approach is that usually less treatment is necessary.