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Here are some of the frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) that may be in the minds of dental patients, even if they don’t ask the questions out loud:

FAQ 1: Are tooth-colored fillings better than silver amalgam (mercury) fillings?
Generally, yes. Aside from the unappealing appearance of silver fillings, they can cause teeth to fracture over time. As a general rule, if the filling is small it is better to use tooth-colored material called a composite. As fillings get bigger, inlays and onlays are needed. These types of restorations support your teeth through bonding. They also hold up to chewing pressure, don’t leak, and look like your real teeth.
FAQ 2: Why are my gums inflamed and bleed when I brush and floss?
Inflammation is caused by our body’s response to bacteria found in the crevice between our gums and teeth and is observable as bleeding by the patient. If this inflammation is not treated and controlled, it can lead to deterioration and breakdown of the supporting tissues of your teeth. This can lead to tooth mobility and tooth loss, so early detection and correction is important. Balancing the PH, bacterial levels and nutrition to your gums and bone can literally save your teeth. We have natural, non-surgical treatments that will restore the balance of your mouth and the health of your gums.
FAQ 3: I saw something on youtube about a problem with water lines in Dental Offices, is this true?

In our office we address this issue by not using tap water. We have individual distilled water containers for each patient. This eliminates the bio-film that builds up in ordinary water lines.
FAQ 4: How do you sterilize your instruments?
Our sterilization methods meet or exceed the standards set by the Center for Disease Control. All instruments are washed, scrubbed, placed in an ultrasonic disinfectant solution, then placed in the sterilizer at high temperatures. Additionally, this sterilization method does not use chemicals.