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Similar to Traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine considers sugar, as a sweet flavor, to be part of overall dietary balance, provided it isn’t used to excess. Ayurveda, the medical approach used in India since ancient times, is primarily concerned with constitutional attributes known as the three ‘doshas’.  Individual dietary regimens are based on a balanced approach to the requirements  of each dosha, and imbalances are generally addressed through diet and herbal medicine.

Western medicine is more concerned with the biochemical effects of sugar, the fact that cane sugar is a type of sucrose: a combination of the simple sugars fructose and glucose.   Because of the energy required by the digestive system, particularly the liver, to break down sucrose, the body experiences a spike in energy and then a crash.

The Glycemic Index is measurement of how fast and how high a particular food will cause blood sugar to rise and fall.  It is also a determinant of how much insulin will be released in order to remove toxic sugar loads from the bloodstream for use as energy within the cells.  Because of the high and the inevitable low, the 1975 health classic “Sugar Blues” likened sugar to an addictive drug.

In 1957, Dr. William Martin classified sugar, a pure refined carbohydrate devoid of any vitamin and mineral content, as a poison.  In her 1995 book, Hypoglycemia: The Disease Your Doctor Won’t Treat: The Classic Healthcare Handbook, Jeraldine Saunders, who also wrote the original Love Boat, (on which the TV show was based,) exposed hypoglycemia as a serious health issue.  Included is an excellent breakdown of how to properly interpret the results of the glucose tolerance test.

Current research shows that drinking sugars, such as soda and even sweetened fruit juice, is even more toxic to the system due to the blood sugar spike and crash after ingestion. A 2009 video released on youtube by Dr. Robert Lustig, embedded below, discussed the relationship between sugar and pediatric obesity.