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Bio mechanical structural problems in the cranium (skull) and mandible (lower jaw), can cause neurological, muscular, and physiological symptoms all over the body. ‘Bio mechanics’ refers to the the application of mechanical principles to living organisms. A comprehensive approach for dealing with these types of issues may be addressed by ALF Appliance Therapy.

ALfF appliance therapy, designed by a California-based dentist, is uniquely suited to correcting bio mechanical issues. This non-invasive approach utilizes very light, springy forces that are active 24/7, making this therapy extremely dynamic and responsive to the self-adjusting mechanisms of the body.  It may also useful in establishing case stability during cosmetic dental treatments, which relies on the teeth, as well as the bones, being their ideal sizes, shapes, and in the correct positions.

This in turn offers another option for comprehensive, holistic-based cosmetic dentistry.  Cosmetic dentists can restore the damage to teeth caused by clenching and grinding (bruxism) by placing crowns and veneers.   But sometimes clenching and grinding is a result of deeper cranial instability. Cosmetic restorations may crack and chip eventually as the natural teeth did before them, since the cranial/jaw position has not been corrected effectively. The cosmetic patient is often given a splint to reduce the damage but as discussed previously, this may not work.

ALF appliances and the paradigm that created them have begun to change the way joint pain, facial bone imbalances are approached, and how orthodontic treatment can integrate with cosmetic dental care. Underdeveloped or crowded teeth, bite problems, TMJ dysfunctions, and airway obstruction may be corrected in a comprehensive, positive, and effective manner.