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Anxiety is a huge problem in dentistry. It has been estimated that fully half of the population avoids going to the dentist and the majority of these people don’t go because of fear of pain. In this day and age of ‘modern’ dentistry that is a shame.

There are many ways to help make your visit more comfortable and less painful. I have found that the fear of the dentist will decrease over time based on good experiences. I have had people who used to sweat at the prospect of sitting in a dental chair transform over time, until going to the dentist was ‘no big deal.’

Good experiences are based on trust. You as the patient must feel like you are participating and in control of your own care, and that your needs are being met. Everyone is an individual and your needs / preferences may involve something as simple as having nice magazines in the waiting room, having your own iPod with you so you can listen to your favorite music, or having a nice and helpful staff to talk to within a pleasant environment.

If you are extremely anxious, you may need some form of sedation. There are many levels of sedation, but most people can greatly benefit from a simple low dosage of a relaxant like Xanax 0.5 mg. Even patients with a strong focus on natural dental care sometimes find that taking advantage of the mildly sedative effect of Xanax is in their best interest. Keep in mind if you use some form of chemical sedation, you will need a driver for your visits.

In my office I have found a natural and simple combination of products that seems to help many people with mild anxiety. One is a homeopathic and one is an amino acid derivative that is totally natural and non-toxic in nature. It is ant-inflammatory as well, so it helps with after visit healing and recovery. Many of our patients swear by it and use it for all their visits.