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I had the pleasure of meeting William Davis at the Longevity Now Symposium this last weekend. Not only was his talk engaging and interesting, it was well researched. In all the talks I have been to on the subject of becoming gluten free and irritable bowel syndrome, Dr. Davis made the simple yet profound point that it is not just about gluten. Gluten is the worst offender, but that doesn’t make other non gluten grains OK. As he said in his lecture, “Less bad is not good!”

The foods he recommends are: All vegetables, free range animal protein, nuts and seeds, healthy oils (especially omega 3 oils), and non sugary condiments like horseradish and mustard. He also recommends cheese in his book although in his lecture he said it is a gray area. I would add that for people not suffering from I.B. to try raw grass fed cheese and see how you do. Ultimately, testing is necessary to see what foods you are reacting to.

The vegan diet is ideal, however this is not an ideal world. Due to our exposure to higher levels of toxicity and stress, we need more protein for our bodies to heal and detox than we get from a pure vegan diet. This is especially true of those of us dealing with compromised immune systems, autoimmune conditions, or slow detoxers.

One possible solution for the vegans out there is to add superfood powders that supply more minerals, probiotics and  vegan sources of protein to your diet, as vegan sources of protein take it easier on your kidneys than animal sources. I buy a lot of my superfood powders from Health Force Naturals and Raw Revelations at www.rrsuperfoods.com.

Bottom line, if you have a chance to buy and read Wheat Belly do so, and check out his website at: www.trackyourplaque.com.