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As a holistic dentist concerned with overall wellness and dental health, I was please to see that the EPA is re-examining the levels of fluoride targeted in drinking water, especially since this delays water fluoridation in San Diego.  I was also pleased to see a balanced article from Mike Lee at the Union Tribune, http://bit.ly/guZdvW, that doesn’t paint those  concerned about medicating our drinking supply as quacks.

Access to clean water is fundamental to health, much more fundamental than access to fluoridated water.  Particularly since it has been proven that fluoride is only effective in strengthening teeth when applied topically, whereas systemic use of fluoride does not strengthen bone.

The primary concern of the EPA is the mottling and pitting of teeth when too much fluoride is ingested. toothpaste is one common source of fluoride. There are other pervasive sources like fruit juice made with already treated water and pesticide residues on fruit such as grapes.  It is difficult to monitor the amount of fluoride that children are getting, even with lowered guidelines.  It would be much simpler if children received topical treatments from their dentists as requested by their parents, rather than altering the water supply.

Another problem is that the hydrofluosalicic acid used in water treatment has never been tested and approved by the FDA.  The FDA’s mandate to monitor public health was not in effect to the degree it is now at the time the fluoridation practice was implemented.  So we really don’t know if an additive used in the water supply in every major city in the nation is actually good for the population.

Many say ‘no,’  and most nations have rejected fluoridation.  In fact India has identified 17 out of its 32 states where high levels of fluoride in the ground water puts the population at risk for skeletal fluorosis and many have been afflicted.  It would certainly be good if the FDA followed the EPA’s example and established some better ground rules for public health .