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At the California Dental Association convention that met in San Diego this weekend, we encountered Teena Marie of Precious Metals, Ltd. Teena does a service for the environment by recycling dental scrap metal. She reminded us that she’d provided dental metals that were imaged in our 2009 video on conservation. Created for Encinitas Environment Day, the video can be found here: http://www.dentistrygoesgreen.com/?m=200907.

Teena is passionate about protecting the environment and so are many dental office workers she encounters on her rounds. We were stunned to learn that many dentists are not interested in recycling dental scrap metals. To this end we promised to deliver an update of our video and get the message out… Recycling dental scrap metal is just plain common sense because it is a simple thing we can do to protect our environment. Find out how San Francisco is mandating greater responsibility from dental offices at http://www.dentistrygoesgreen.com/?m=200907. Then ask your local dentist if the office has an amalgam separator and play a part in making sure that dentistry goes green.