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Europe is pretty far ahead of the U.S. when it comes to issues of environmental health like EMF’s.  EMF’s stands for electromagnetic frequencies, the energy field generated by electronics like cell phones, computers,  appliances like microwave ovens, medical imaging devices like MRI’s and even cars and  telephones.  In a world where we are moving toward Super-wi-fi – meaning that instant connectivity will be available to wireless users- there is an ever-increasing ‘soup’ of EMF’s surrounding us.  Some people are especially sensitive to this type of energy, approximately 3% of the population.  It makes it more difficult for these folks to heal and in some cases it may even become a stress that adversely impacts their health.

The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection issues some guidelines in 1998 and the following year the E. U. followed up with some regulatory suggestions that several European nations have complied with.  In our office we are sensitive to this issue.  We actually do not have a wireless hookup for our computer network or for the Internet; we use DSL, which does not have quite the same impact.  We have experimented with numerous devices and frequencies to create a shield of EMF protection and are continuing to research the possibilities.  We will continue to share our findings on this subject with you.