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Yesterday I discussed the ClearCorrect method to having straight teeth using transparent, removable tray liners.  This approach to straightening teeth supports a holistic lifestyle because of its ease of use, and even highly sensitive patients who prefer to see a biological dentist have used them successfully.

But you may have some concerns about whether ClearCorrect will work for your smile.  ClearCorrect can help you achieve your best smile whether your teeth are crowded or spaced. It can correct most overbites and underbites and can straighten and align teeth that are crooked or turned.  Certainly, an actual assessment of your case will be necessary, but ClearCorrect has a very broad application and the chance  are good that you can benefit from treatment in one or more of the following ways:

• Improve the way you bite with your back teeth.
• Improve the alignment of your front teeth.
• Improve the cosmetic appearance of your smile.
• Improve the overall health of your teeth and mouth.
• Improve the ease of caring for your teeth.

The ideal situation for invisible braces is slight to moderate crowding of upper or lower teeth, especially in the front. A lot of spacing between the teeth makes this treatment more difficult. The first step is for your doctor to evaluate your teeth and talk about any goals you have for your smile. Once you and your doctor establish ClearCorrect is the right treatment option for you, your doctor will create a custom treatment plan for you.  Impressions, photos, and x-rays of your teeth will be taken for records and guidelines for the ClearCorrect lab to make your custom aligners.

Your doctor will send the guidelines to ClearCorrect with a prescription for your custom aligners. ClearCorrect then uses your records to create exact 3D models of your teeth and from there on works with your doctor every step of the way.  Following the precise instructions provided on your prescription, ClearCorrect maps out a complete treatment plan of gradual adjustment that takes your teeth from where they are currently to where you and your doctor have envisioned them turning out.

Once completed, you and your doctor will be able to preview the projected results of your treatment in your “treatment set-up,” a computer representation of your teeth before and after treatment.  When both you and your doctor are satisfied with the projected results shown in your treatment set-up, the manufacturing process begins. Using the latest digital mapping and molding technology, ClearCorrect creates your custom aligners with computer precision. ClearCorrect then sends your aligners to your doctor for delivery to you.

The progress you make in wearing your aligners will be gradual and fit into your daily routine.  You’ll wear your aligners all the time, except while eating and drinking or during daily tooth care, such as brushing and flossing. The smooth surface finish on ClearCorrect aligners withstands clouding from wear.  They are so clear they are barely noticeable, minimally invasive and removable.  ClearCorrect is designed to fit your life and daily routine as perfectly as it fits your teeth

With each aligner tray, you’ll be able to see the difference as your teeth slowly adjust toward your target smile. Follow-up appointments are usually short, and because ClearCorrect treatment is flexible, you can schedule appointments with your doctor to fit your availability. You don’t have to be concerned about being too busy.

Generally the aligners will need to be changed every six weeks or so.  Results are faster the more you wear your aligners, and ClearCorrect was designed to be effortless and non intrusive in your life so you can easily wear your aligners. You really only need to take them out when you eat or clean your teeth.

You’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll forget you’re wearing your ClearCorrect aligners. And they’re so clear that others in your life won’t notice them either.  Once  you and your doctor decide to begin treatment with the ClearCorrect system, you’ll receive your aligners in sets at periodic follow-up appointments.

Eventually you will have the smile you’ve always wanted