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What happens when you are exposed to mercury long term.  Nobody knows for sure, but there are certain researchers who have raised concerns and red flags over the years. I will write more on this on later posts.

For now I wanted to pass along the warning from one of the major amalgam manufacturers that they are required to put out to dentists informing them of properties, characteristics, and possible risks of the products they are selling. This report is called the MSDS or Material Safety Data Sheet.

Below Caulk is talking about Dispersalloy which comes in capsules where the metal powder and liquid mercury is mixed before it is placed in your mouth.  They are warning about what could happen if someone breathes in very small amounts of mercury over time.  I copied this section directly from their website:

“Inhalation: Chronic: Inhalation of mercury vapor over a long period may cause mercurialism which is characterized by fine tremors and erethism. Tremors may affect the hands first, but may also become evident in the face, arms, and legs. Erethism may be manifested by abnormal shyness, blushing, self-consciousness, depression or despondency resentment of criticism, irritability or excitability, headache, fatigue, and insomnia. In severe cases, hallucinations, loss of memory, and mental deterioration may occur.”

There is more to the statement which I will post tomorrow, but suffice it to say this is a bold statement given the fact that the American Dental Association insists that the small amount of mercury released from amalgams pose no real health threat.