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Caulk is one of the main suppliers of the metals that go into silver amalgam fillings.  It comes in a powder form that contains silver, copper, tin, and zinc. It also comes with about a half gram of mercury per filling.  According to the EPA one gram of mercury is enough to pollute a large body of water.

This is some of the stuff on Caulk’s website on mercury:

1. After placement or removal of dental amalgam restorations increased mercury concentration in blood and urine has been observed.
2. Ingestion of mercury may cause neurotoxic or nephrotoxic effects.
3. In individual cases, hypersensitivity reactions have been observed
4. Do not place amalgam in direct proximity of other metallic restorations in order to avoid all risk of corrosion.
5. Avoid placing and removing amalgam during pregnancy and lactation.

If this is what the manufacturer says about amalgams, how come the FDA  can’t follow suit and at least protect children and pregnant women?