What are my options for implants? Implant posts are usually made with titanium, a metal that does not cause inflammation and is considered very biocompatible. In my opinion the cause of inflammation is microbes around the implants and in the bone. Where titanium implants may be a problem is in terms of conductivity of electrical.. read more →

I’ve heard that implants are not good for me. Why does this concern people? Implant posts are made with titanium, a metal, and some people – even some practitioners – believe that all metals are bad for you. This is generally not true unless you have an actual allergy. Over the decades titanium has been proven.. read more →

You may lose a new implant faster than the original tooth if you don’t address the underlying problem in your mouth. Upon receiving an implant, many people think, “problem solved.” Think again! A relatively unknown cause of gum inflammation that leads to tooth and implant loss is the presence of aggressive microbes that attack immune.. read more →

Exposure to BPA, when chemicals previously bound up in a dental material are released into the mouth and lungs, can happen when: Composite fillings are adjusted after placing a filling in your tooth Old Composite fillings are removed and replaced Excess bonding material is removed when braces are being placed Bonding material is drilled off.. read more →

Whenever there is a shock to our system, a life-changing or extremely stressful event that impacts us, our gut will bear some of this burden.  Because our large intestine is lined with immune cells, it functions something like a “shock absorber”, and stress is one of the major causes of intestinal inflammation and breakdown. When.. read more →