Exposure to BPA, when chemicals previously bound up in a dental material are released into the mouth and lungs, can happen when: Composite fillings are adjusted after placing a filling in your tooth Old Composite fillings are removed and replaced Excess bonding material is removed when braces are being placed Bonding material is drilled off.. read more →

Whenever there is a shock to our system, a life-changing or extremely stressful event that impacts us, our gut will bear some of this burden.  Because our large intestine is lined with immune cells, it functions something like a “shock absorber”, and stress is one of the major causes of intestinal inflammation and breakdown. When.. read more →

People often ask me, “What makes a holistic dentist different?” The oral/systemic connection has become very clear to health-minded patients, many of which consume gluten free diets, who know that dental wellness is important for whole body health. A holistic approach means practicing in a way that minimizes the body’s exposure to bacteria and toxic elements,.. read more →

Mercury Pollution Affects Ocean Conservation Another culprit in making fish less safe to eat and a familiar topic in holistic dentistry is mercury pollution. The earth releases one third of the mercury in the environment from its core and in groundwater. The remaining two thirds comes from people in the form of consumer waste like.. read more →

Plastic Pollution Affects Ocean Conservation As a holistic dental practice, we are concerned about dentistry’s impact on the environment. And ocean conservation is a concern for anyone who cares about the future of our beautiful blue planet. The earth is covered with 75% water, which regulates its temperature and produces more than half of the.. read more →